Coast to Coast Hike on K'gari

Coast to Coast Hike

Walk Overview

Experience Fraser Island from East to West Coast!

Take the challenge and adventure of the 3 day and 2 night coast to coast hike! As the name states, this adventure leads you to hike from the East Coast to the West Coast of K'gari, seeing and experiencing the best K'gari has to offer! 

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 3 days | 2 nights
 Tent Camping
 30km | Moderate
 March to October
 From $380 pp
 Bring Your own food
Coast to coast itinerary map


See the world famous Lake McKenzie and Lake Wabby. Have a real adventure and experience K'gari's diverse landscape. See the best of K'gari's spectacular towering rainforest, pristine freshwater lakes, amazing sandblows and great scenic views. 

  • Day 1

    Lakeside Paradise: Lake Wabby

       Walking Distance 4.1km

    • Embark on your adventure at 8 am from the K'gari Walking Tour office. Begin your journey with a scenic 4WD transfer from Hervey Bay via the barge to the entrance of Lake Wabby. Delight in the untouched beauty of the landscape, and take a lunch break.
    • Afterward, set off on a 3km hike alongside the enchanting Lake Wabby, leading you to the walkers' camp. Here, take a moment to bask in the serenity of the stunning emerald waters or ascend to the lookout to capture panoramic views of the vast Eastern Beach. Conclude your day by setting up your camp and savor your first night of camping under the brilliant starlit sky at Lake Wabby's hikers camp.

     Overnight camping at Lake Wabby 

    Note: facilities include composting toilets, and running water, but no showers.

  • Day 2

    The Heart of the Wilderness: Lake McKenzie

       Walking distance 12km or 22.8km (optional)

    • Embrace the new day by waking up early, around 5:30/6 am, to witness a breathtaking sunrise at the lookout. Watch as the sun paints the eastern beach with spectacular colors and mesmerizing views. After this natural spectacle, enjoy breakfast and prepare for the day ahead.
    • Venture deep into the pristine wilderness on a day's hike through untouched rainforests and ancient eucalypt forests, covering an approximate distance of 12km, until you reach the pristine Lake McKenzie. For those seeking an extra challenge, the 22km route awaits, guiding you through Pile Valley, Central Station, and Basin Lake.
    • Upon arrival at the magnificent Lake McKenzie, set up camp and seize the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters as the sun gracefully sets on the horizon.

     Overnight camping at Lake McKenzie 

    Note: facilities include composting toilets, and running water, but no showers.

  • Day 3

    Journey’s End: Kingfisher Bay

       Walking distance 13.8km

    • Commence your morning with a revitalizing swim in the pristine waters of Lake McKenzie, also known by its indigenous name, 'Lake Boorangoora.' Embrace the tranquility of the secret hikers' beach and relish a picturesque lunch at the fenced picnic enclosures near the lake.
    • At 10:00 am, embark on your 13.8km hike from Lake McKenzie to Kingfisher Bay Resort, traversing peaceful and serene natural bush surroundings. While on your journey, take a moment to explore the historical site of McKenzie’s Jetty, offering a glimpse into the island's rich history.
    • By 2:00 pm, you'll arrive at Kingfisher Bay, where you can unwind with a refreshing drink and a light snack. At 2:30 pm, board the return ferry to the mainland, and your pickup awaits at River Heads by 3:15 pm, marking the end of your remarkable adventure.

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Adventure Hike Information

  • Not included: Food, snacks, Drinks, alcohol, Sleeping bags, Toiletries, Walking poles
  • Hike departs from our office in Urangan, Hervey Bay, at approx 7am for the 4WD transfer to the Island.
  • Pre-arranged pick-up available from hostels/ hotels in Urangan. 
  • 3 day, 2 night
  • Operates March to october
  • Around 30km total walking
  • Moderate fitness level and walking experience

What's included What to bring  

a self-guided hiking experience

Experience the true beauty of K'gari your way! 

We offer three unique adventure hikes, varying in length and complexity, tailored to show you the diversity of K'gari.

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