Great Southern Lakes Hike on K'gari

Great Southern Lakes Hike

Walk Overview

Experience six perched freshwater lakes, including the famous Lake McKenzie!

Explore the Great Southern Lakes section of the K'gari Great Walk, on this 3 day and 2 night Adventure Hike. This hike explores six perched freshwater lakes: Lake Boomanjin, Lake Benaroon, Lake Birrabeen, Basin Lake and Lake McKenzie, with countless swimming opportunities.

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 3 days | 2 nights
 Tent Camping
 45km | Moderate
 March to October
 From $380 pp
 Bring your own food
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As you walk, enjoy the quiet wonders of the tracks as you explore ancient rainforests and pristine lakes. Be some of the only people to enjoy an epic sunrise and sunset at Lake McKenzie, an unforgettable memory. This hike also has the option to extend an additional night to explore the Pile Valley area. 

  • Day 1

    Enchanted Forest Trail: Lake Boomanjin & Lake Benaroon

       Walking distance 13.5km

    • Your adventure kicks off with an exhilarating 4WD transfer from Hervey Bay, via the barge to K’garis Eastern Beach. This journey leads to the entrance of Dilli Village, your starting point for an unforgettable hike.
    • Embark on a 6.3km walk through the enchanting forest, leading you to the mesmerizing Lake Boomanjin. Here, enjoy a well-deserved lunch and a refreshing swim, recharging for the afternoon.
    • The day continues with a 7.2km hike to the captivating Lake Benaroon, where you can savor a serene sunset swim and prepare your dinner. As night falls, set up your camp and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Lake Benaroon hikers' camp.

     Overnight camping at Lake Benaroon 

    Note: facilities include composting toilets, however there is limited running water and no showers.

  • Day 2

    Wilderness Wonders: Central Station & Lake McKenzie

       Walking distance 14km

    • Greet the day with the first light and indulge in a hearty breakfast, setting the tone for your second day of hiking. The morning adventure commences with a 7.5km hike via Lake Birrabeen to Central Station. This pristine location offers the perfect setting for lunch and an enriching walk through the lush rainforest.
    • Opt for the 4km return walk through the captivating Pile Valley to deepen your connection with this extraordinary environment.
    • Continue your afternoon with a 6.6km hike to the iconic Lake McKenzie, passing by the scenic Basin Lake. Upon reaching your destination, revel in an invigorating afternoon swim and savor the ethereal sunset at Lake McKenzie.
    • As the stars twinkle above, set up camp and spend the night under their watchful gaze at the Lake McKenzie hikers' camp.

     Overnight camping at Lake McKenzie 

    Note: facilities include composting toilets, running water, but no showers.

  • Day 3

    Nature’s Harmony: McKenzie’s Jetty & Kingfisher Bay

       Walking distance 13.8km

    • Commence your day with a refreshing swim at Lake McKenzie, also known as ‘Lake Boorangoora’ to the indigenous people. Bask in the serenity of the secret hikers' beach and enjoy a delightful lunch at the fenced picnic enclosures near the lake.
    • Embark on a 13.8km hike from Lake McKenzie to Kingfisher Bay Resort, immersing yourself in the serene and tranquil natural bush. En route, make a stop at the historical site, McKenzie’s Jetty, to delve into the island's rich history.
    • By 2:00 pm, you'll arrive at Kingfisher Bay, where you can unwind with a refreshing drink and a light snack. At 2:30 pm, board the return ferry to the mainland, and your pickup awaits at River Heads by 3:15 pm, marking the end of your remarkable adventure.

  • Day 4 (Optional)

    Additional Hike Day

       Optional Additional Day

    For the avid adventurers, there's an option to extend this remarkable journey to a 4-day hike, allowing you to explore the scenic Pile Valley area. The additional itinerary is as follows, with a $100 cost add-on:

    • DAY 2: Hike from Lake Benaroon to Central Station via Basin Lake, spending the night at Central Station Hikers' Camp.
    • DAY 3: Hike from Central Station to Lake McKenzie via Pile Valley, savoring the unique landscape and natural wonders. Spend the night at Lake McKenzie Hikers' Camp.
    • DAY 4 (same as original Day 3): Embark on the final leg of your journey from Lake McKenzie to Kingfisher Bay Resort, culminating this remarkable adventure hike.

Adventure Hike Information

  • Not included: Food, snacks, Drinks, alcohol, Sleeping bags, Toiletries, Walking poles
  • Hike departs from our office in Urangan, Hervey Bay, at approx 7am for the 4WD transfer to the Island.
  • Pre-arranged pick-up available from hostels/ hotels in Urangan. 
  • 3 day, 2 night
  • Operates March to october
  • Around 45km total walking
  • Moderate fitness level and walking experience

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Don't think that three days is enough to fully experience K'gari? Neither do we, but don't worry you can add another day!

This walk has an option to add an additional day to walk through Pile Valley area to make this a 4-day hike, the alternative itinerary is below (additional cost add on is $100):

DAY 2: Lake Benaroon to Central Station, via. Basin Lake, spending the night at Central Station Hikers Camp.
DAY 3: Central Station to Lake McKenzie via. Pile Valley, spending the night at Lake McKenzie Hikers Camp
DAY 4: (same as original Day 3) Lake McKenzie to Kingfisher Bay Resort 

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