Lake McKenzie on K'gari

Expression of Interest

Experience K'gari up close!

Are you only 1, 2 or even 3 people and looking to do a pack-free hike on the stunning World Heritage K'gari - Fraser Island?

Some of our walks have a minimum/maximum numbers to run. If you have considered dates or have numbers and would like to express your interest in a walk, please fill out the form below.

We have also included a list of dates we are running walks that aren't full, so as 1 or 2 people you may want to join these dates.


USE CODE KGARI24 10% DISCOUNT (minimum numbers terms apply)

June 25 - 27th Blue Lakes Eco Walk (4 spots)

June 29th -1st July Blue Lakes Eco Walk (4 spots)

July 9 - 11th Blue Lakes Eco Walk (2 spots)

July 13 - 15th Rainforest Eco Walk (4 spots) 


July 16 - 19th (2 spots) 

PACK-FREE CAMPING WALKS (September / October) 

September 14 - 16th Blue Lakes Eco Walk (4 spots)

October 1 - 3rd Blue Lakes Eco Walk (4 spots) 

October 5 - 7th Blue Lakes Eco Walk (3 spots




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