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Traversing 85 kilometres of stunning landscape in this World Heritage Area, the Fraser Island Great Walk showcases natural and cultural features of the world's largest sand island. Follow traditional Butchulla pathways beneath towering rainforest, past crystal clear lakes and over vast sand dunes. Discover the island's history as you walk along paths where logging roads and tramlines once served a bygone forestry industry.

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The Fraser Island Great Walk provides challenging and remote routes for experienced walkers as well as shorter, easier walks for visitors looking for a more relaxed experience. The main track takes between six and eight days to complete. Additional walking tracks link the Great Walk to the Island's main barge landings, accommodation and supply centres.  If you are looking for transfers to either Dili Village or Happy Valley Trail Heads to start the Great Walk, then you've found the right place! We are the Fraser Island Great Walk specialists and have a wealth of information that we can share with you when you book your transfer with us! 

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Over 90 kilometres of walking tracks were opened on Fraser Island in 2004. The tracks run from Happy Valley on the middle of the eastern side of the island and travel south toward Dilli Village. There are no provisions during the walk so everything you require must be carried on your person. We recommend that you always travel in groups of 2 or more, wear sun smart clothing, carry a plentiful supply of water, wear sturdy walking boots, take a first aid kit and always plan to reach your destination well before sunset. You can camp overnight at several locations during your walk. There are drop toilets in each walkers camp, bush tent areas with cooking platforms and food storage boxes. Not all the walkers camps are fenced only Lake McKenzie and Central Station walkers camps. Fresh water is available at each camp but it is recommended to treat before drinking. These sites must be booked in advance and you must have camping permits for each site you stay at on the island. The sites are also shown on the topographic map link provided by National Parks.

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